Saturday, 1 December 2012


A few weeks back i caught the train from my town all the way down to London, it was a 4 hour journey but so worth it because i got to see my bestfriend Joshua.  Me being my usual organised self, forgot my camera so these are pictures i've stolen off josh that he's just got developed.  We met at London Victoria, then got the train to the Natural History Museum.  It's my favourite place in the world and we spent hours there.  We then walked all the way up to Oxford Street and sat in starbucks for ages, then went the the apple shop, urban outfitters, then got the tubes back our separate ways.  I can't wait to see joshua again, that day was perfect.


  1. I'm so jealous that you live in England! I've only been in London once but next summer I'm planning on going there (and this time want to visit some other town as well) again because even though I've been there only once, I love it. I fell in love with London and want to see other cities as well and sometime after my graduation I'm going to move to England that's for sure. I like your blog as well and the photos you take are really pretty~

    1. England is a pretty cool place to live. I love it, but I do wish it would be a little bit warmer at times! Yes, Londons brilliant, shame a live so far away from it but I'm lucky to visit it quite often. thankyou very much :-)

  2. You're so pretty! Nice photos you have here :)

  3. wow, such an awesome blog!
    thanks for following me
    i definitely start following you too
    i'm a huge UK-fan
    this is cool :=)