Wednesday, 28 November 2012


 james's room // wearing dads work shoes to go on a late night drive

 lost my college card so i made a temporary one.. my tutor wasn't too impressed // bored in the lab

 vodka my bestfriend brought me back from Egypt // Scott farted and Tom had to put a gas mask on

 pre party // drunken pictures on the toilet

 bored at college // train was too busy so we had to sit on the floor

 visited the woods // did my hair and felt like Wednesday Addams for the whole day.

my favourite vinyls // tried to do my coursework, folder turned into cigarette rolling desk

reading in the bath // nana made me cookies

lovely sunset // going out getting drunk when i should be staying in doing coursework 

james gurning on the desktop // james broke my ankle at college

my town flooded and no-one could get out for the day // lab experiments

 hungover to hell // dyed jess's hair whilst still drunk out my face the next morning

lovely lovely bubble bath // i'm trying to quit smoking but it isn't working.. someone help me