Wednesday, 26 December 2012


 killing time in college watching salad fingers // me and the coolest

 wearing all black and grey // playing CoD in 3D (i didn't know what to do)

 being vein // i've lost so much weight!!

 the weirdest pepper ever // my mam looking beautiful before a night out

 garageband is so addictive // boredom selfie

 i had an anaphylactic shock, scariest couple of days ever, forever waiting in the doctors waiting room

 so much medication made me feel so drunk, kept on dropping everything including this glass of smoothie

 didn't leave the sofa for a week, i then contracted a serious case of tonsillitis & could only eat icecream

 christmas presents off my bestfriend // found the glow in the dark stars i had as a baby

 my grandma's christmas flower arranging at the church // queens head had broken and i laughed too much

 huge candyfloss at the christmas market // jasper

 christmas eve firework display 

 phil, verity and i found face paint and painted our faces till 4am // Shoniqua the rabbit 

 Christmas present wrapping

 dyed my hair blue for the last time

 herbal tea getting me through lots and lots of water sampling at college

 college field trips

 my bedroom

helping my grandpa put his christmas lights up like the best grandchild i am!


  1. I really like your pictures. You're so beautiful and your hairs so nice! :)
    Hope you'll soon get well x :)