Sunday, 12 January 2014

2 months have passed since my last post.  I'm finally sorting myself out.  I write this on the other side of a very dark place, I decided not to blog whilst I was going through such a bad time as I don't know what could have been said or done.  All I can hope is that my recovery will be thorough and my mental health will be a think of the past.  There  will be parts of me that will always cling onto the past, but it's time to allow the anxiety and depression leave me.  I have the best friends and family and I want to thank all my followers for sticking by me through this time, you guys rock.  But for now, here are some photo's from the past couple of months I've been away.

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  1. Hey Amber.
    I'm so sorry for hearing from your depressions and I hope you'll be better soon. I myself went through pretty tough depressions so if there's anything I could do or if you just need a person to talk to. You know, a person that understands what you're going through, I'd be lucky to give you my e-mail adress. :)