Wednesday, 13 February 2013


 Had my lovely hair chopped off :( // a wonderful chocolatey creation

 candles // tired at college

2 large domino's pizzas // it all got too much for jess and she was defeated.

guinea pigs // hot chocolate & a cookie before bed in wales.

healthy eating stir fry.. so many vegetables!

weird nights out with my boyfriend getting too drunk.

 streaming the mac demarco livestream in college // me and the boyfriend

my 'magical' bedroom

lab jacket // made a cute headband before my hair got chopped off :(

 snowy mornings

herbal tea and a cigarette outside in the snow

watching the snow fall out of my sky windows with ste

Olives and herbal tea // quaint pub in a nearby village

going out with my bestfriend, playing ring of fire with straight vodka & getting absolutely wrecked.



  1. just wanted to say that i really LOVE twinings tea. got the same here, i always buy it in a special shop for english things. oh, and your instragram photos are gorgeous. lovely snapshots. and sorry for my english haha,

  2. loving your instagram stuff xx

  3. wow i love your instagram pictures, they are very interesting! :) <3