Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Proper Outfit Post

My camera is now working again (hooray!) so i can actually take decent photo's.  It's so hard catching the light though with college and basically just finding the time to take photo's whilst the sun is still up, but I just about managed to catch the light today, bit darker than i would usually prefer but whatever.  My outfit also isn't the best, I just threw on lots of layers making one big clash, whatever.  As you'll notice, I've also dyed my hair brown, blue got annoying and meant I couldn't wear so many of my clothes as it pretty much clashed with any colour other than denim, grey and black.  My hair has gone a strange sort of brown/green colour as I didn't strip the blue dye out before hand.

Skirt (Dress) - Topshop
Shirt - Asos
Jumper - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop
Dr Martens - Dr Martens.


  1. Nice!
    The hair is awesome really. And you really look stunning!

  2. oh don't be so self-critical, you're absolutely lovely and the pics are great! <3 And I can feel you about the hair cause I also got quickly bored with my lilac hair :D

    1. thankyou very much, thats very nice of you :)
      yeah i just got really bored of having to dye it every 2 days, I'm bored of brown already though, don't have a clue what colour I'm going to go next..